Keeping cats off the couch

Cats love to lounge and it’s probably no surprise that your favorite seat is a preferred location. Many companions resign themselves to sharing, but there are ways to keep your cat off the furniture.

  • Be consistent. Provide your cat with an elevated perch that is an acceptable location. A climbing tree is an appealing option. Then actively discourage your cat from sitting on furniture. Use a spray bottle containing water or a command to remove your cat from unacceptable locations. Consistent use of these techniques will teach your cat which places are off-limits.

  • Distraction works wonders. Interrupt the unacceptable behaviour by introducing a toy. This has a double benefit: not only will your cat get off the furniture, but he’ll love the activity and the time spent with you.

  • Don’t defeat yourself. When you leave the house, don’t give your cat access to the problem area. When you’re not there to correct the behaviour, it actually reinforces the misbehaviour.

And if all else fails, a great vacuum cleaner will help keep the fur from flying!

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