ARM & HAMMER™ Clump & Seal™ Complete Odour Sealing Litter, Fresh Home & Multi-Cat

Experience the confidence of a 7-day odour-free home with this revolutionary formula that seals and destroys odours before they can leave the litter box. 

Available in Fresh Home and Multi-Cat.  


Moisture-activated Micro-Granules form a tight seal around cat waste odour.


Heavy-duty odour eliminators plus ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda destroy sealed-in odours on contact.

7-Day Guarantee

Experience the confidence of a 7-day odour-free home — guaranteed.

No Crumbly Clumps

Plant-derived particles help create rock solid clumps for easy scooping.

Ultra Low Dust

Minimal dust when pouring or scooping. Floors stay cleaner for a happy, healthy home.

Low Tracking

Unique formula helps keep litter in the box instead of on kitty's feet.

Soft Touch

Made with fine micro-particles, your cat will love the softer feel.

*According to results of the 2015 BrandSpark Best New Product Awards survey conducted by BrandSpark International.