No more food fights

Is your feline a finicky eater? No need to panic. Cats are adaptable and probably developed their current dietary preferences over time — possibly with some help from you! By following a consistent approach to your cat’s eating, you’ll put an end to the food fights in no time.

  • Don’t overreact if your cat’s appetite varies from one day to the next. Cats naturally go through cycles of body weight and they adjust their eating habits accordingly. You don’t need to make feeding adjustments with every little fluctuation. On the other hand, if your cat has obvious signs of illness or a dramatic weight loss as a result of refusing to eat for days, it’s time to call the vet.

  • Avoid catering to your cat. Providing tasty substitutes each time your cat seems disinterested in his usual food will actually reinforce the problem. Cats are quick learners and they’ll soon figure out that you’ve got something better behind door number two.

  • Balance is more important than variety. Cats don’t need as much variety in their diet as we do. As long as you are providing a nutritionally balanced cat food and your cat seems to like it, stick with it. Additionally, indulging your cat with table scraps can cause problems by creating picky eaters and/or overweight cats. Neither is a desirable outcome.

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